Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mornings... i despise thee

This morning has been far more exciting than my entire week combined... Woke up to my dog shitting rotting dog shit all over his crate, the smell alone made me vomit stomach acid in the kitchen sink. After cleaning up the rotting dog shit i take it out front to throw away in our garbage can, only to find said dog and his dumb friend (our other dog) running around the street. They got out, again.... So as i run around like a crazy woman in my front yard, bare footed and without a bra, i step in piles of mud and thorns because last night it poured buckets. After getting the dogs back into the yard i notice my indoor only cat had got out because i left the front door open, luckily he is smart and realized i was pissed and ran inside on his own, no chasing needed.

I will spare you photos... as i believe you can imagine the horror show that was my morning

On a side note, I received "fart putty" for christmas this year, and i can't stop playing with it *FFFAAAARRRRRRRTTTTT*

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